Do you love paint parties but running out room for all your canvases?

Are you looking for something new and fun to paint on?

Wine Glass Paint Parties are a fun alternative for your next paint party! By hosting a party in the comfort of your own home, office or venue you can create the experience that you want.

Prices are quoted based on up to 10 painters. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a smaller party, it just means that you pay the same minimum fee as you would for 10, so that is the best per person price!

We recommend not having more then 20 painters for wine glass paint parties as we find that the larger the party is the harder it can be for everyone to see because of the demonstration on a wine glass is small in nature.

Wine glass paint parties are suggested for 18 years and older, although you could have a water goblet paint party if you wanted to include minors!

We use 20 oz wine glasses which are much easier and nicer to paint on then smaller glasses!

You need to provide a location to host the paint party and arrange for tables, chairs and protection for tables and floors if necessary. We can do a paint party in your home, office, school, community centre, local venue or even in a garage or outside (weather permitting).

The paint does clean up with soap and water but we cannot guarantee it won’t stain. Disposable table cloths are recommended to make clean up easier but floors are usually not a concern unless you will be on carpet.

You will want to have around 2 feet of table top space per painter. You can comfortably fit 10 painters around 2 6-foot folding tables placed end to end.

Yes, all the supplies are included! We provide the 2 wine glasses, brushes, paint, palette, water cup, cloth, and aprons (although we still ask you to dress with painting in mind!) We will also supply take home instructions for how to bake your glass to make the paint permanent.

Your artists will lead your group step-by-step through the painting by both explaining the instructions and demonstrating the steps on a glass. We have a very specific style of teaching and give you tons of tips and tricks to get the best results. While there are many different ways to paint and teach, we find that detailed instructions work best for beginners so we will tell you how to hold the brush, how to apply the paint, specific techniques and a host of other tips and tricks that improve the painting experience. It is up to you how closely you listen to and follow the instructions or not – we always encourage you to be creative and use your own talents and style to make your painting unique!

We recommend approximately 2 feet of space per painter so that you have enough elbow room. If you plan to have food and drinks while painting then you might want to consider spreading out some more so you have room for extra cups and plates. You can have painters on both sides. Our rule of thumb is 2 standard 6-foot folding tables placed end-to-end is perfect for 10 painters.

Wine glass painting is a lot cleaner then canvas painting but you might get some paint on your hands! But what’s the fun if you don’t get a little dirty? We do provide aprons which help to keep paint off your clothes but we still recommend dressing with painting in mind as the aprons won’t cover everything. It really depends on the person as to how messy they get. Disposable table cloths are a good idea for protecting tables and making clean up easier. Most of the time, paint only end up on the floor if someone drops a brush. Very rarely have we seen someone drop their whole palette but it can happen. So if you are on carpet you might want to cover it as well.

We do paint parties every day of the week and any time of day! You get to pick the date and time that works for you. Contact us for availability!

We can do D.I.Y. paint parties in your home, office, community centre, school or anywhere you have access to a large enough space to host your party. We can even do paint parties outside or in a garage, weather permitting.

2 wine glasses take around 2 hours to paint. But we always allow an extra half an hour for painters to finish up as everyone paints a bit differently.

You can see the 4 designs we currently have available in the picture at the top of the page, however we are always happy to make new designs based on your requests!

Your artists will arrive 15 minutes – 30 minutes in advance depending on your headcount. For 10 painters they will need about 15 minutes to set up. Clean up is generally finished in about 15-30 minutes as well.

Wine glass paint parties start at $350 + gst for up to 10 painters. Please contact us for a quote on your paint party based on size and locations.

We offer discounts on day-time, weekday paint parties and we offer discounts for groups of 20 painters or more. We also have fundraiser and community centre discounts. Contact us for more details!

We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit based on the minimum charge for your paint party at time of booking. We also provide you with a contract to read and sign that goes over all the details. These two thing secure your date in our calendar and protect both of us from cancellations and liabilities among other things.

You will receive a second invoice for the balance remaining on your paint party that is due 2 weeks before the date. Up until this time you can cancel or reschedule your party without making any other payments. Your deposit is non-refundable but it is transferable to another date should you need to reschedule. The balance payment is based on your minimum fee or your head count at that time.

If you have more painters at your party then you have paid for you will be required to pay for them on the day of the paint party.

Your 50% deposit is non-refundable and guarantees your date up until 2 weeks before the paint party. You have up until 2 weeks before the paint party to cancel and make no further payments or reschedule and transfer your deposit payment to the new date.

We like to have a headcount 2 weeks before the paint party so we have an idea at where we are at but we do not need the final headcount until the day before the paint party! Any extra painters who have not been paid for at the time of the party can pay there!

We use Squareup.com for our invoicing which will give you secure, online credit card payment options. You can also send an e-transfer, make arrangements for a cash payment. We also accept business cheques.

As much as possible we try to include travel in the paint party price. That means that we may require a higher minimum headcount based on your location in order to offer you free travel. Occasionally we will charge a small travel fee and we will give you a quote on this at time of booking based on your distance from our home office and number of painters you expect to attend.

What type of events do you do wine glass paint parties for?

Birthday Parties



Holiday themed parties

Family Gatherings


Staff Appreciations

Customer Appreciation

Corporate Events/Conferences

Health and Wellness Days

Groups and Clubs

Recreation Programs

Community Events

Church Events