What’s included in our Paint Parties

What’s included in our Paint Parties

Paint Parties are a fun and relaxing activity that you can enjoy with very little work on your end. We set everything up, lead you step-by-step through the painting with detailed instructions and then clean everything up at the end. You just get to paint!

So, what's included with a Paint Party anyway?

A POTP paint party comes with all the supplies you need to have a successful event: table top easels, canvases, paint brushes, palette, water cup, paint, cloth and aprons. It is always a good idea to find out what is all included from your paint party provider because some do not provide easels or aprons. Also, POTP tries to use reusable supplies as much as possible to cut down on the amount of garbage created. Unfortunately, we are not yet equipped to handle the load of dishes created by 40+ painters and so we do use disposable supplies for our large paint parties, yet we are continually working on new solutions so that one day we can.  As it is, we are proud to say that we keep hundreds of plates, cups and paper towels out of landfill every year.

POTP buys all their supplies from local art supply stores and uses student quality artists acrylic and canvases. You can find the same brushes we use at Artist Emporium for $4.99 a brush! You can be assured that you will have the best quality supplies which will result in a better painting experience. You can paint with brushes and craft paint from the dollar store, but they are a much lower quality and you will not get the same results. Painting with low quality supplies can make the experience more frustrating then it has to be.

The standard paint party canvas is 16×20, and this is the size we mostly use. A smaller 12×16 canvas is our standard kids size and is available when time or budget restrictions require the smaller size, they are especially popular for corporate parties and fundraiser for this reason! When, shopping around for a paint party provider, make sure you find out what size canvas they are using for the price they are quoting you. The smaller canvas doesn’t take as long to paint and that is why it can be offered at a lower price.

Happy Paint Partying!

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