Spring Is Here and So Is Our New Product Line of Kids Painting Kits!

Spring Is Here and So Is Our New Product Line of Kids Painting Kits!


It looks like 2018 is the year that kids paint parties are set to take over adult paint parties for POTP! So, since Christmas, I have been furiously working on new ideas for expanding what Painting on the Prairies has to offer kids! You may have already seen that we are now offering Goody Bags for kid’s birthday parties and soon you will see kid’s birthday invitations available! But the goody bags planted another idea in my head and so I have been doing R&D, searching for, ordering and testing products, hashing out ideas and creating projects. Finally, after 4 months of intense product development I am so excited to announce that I am ready to launch my brand new line of kids painting kits called Aspiring Artists – for kids who want to create!


3-in-1 Aspiring Artists Painting Kit. Product photo credit: Kaeleb Visram


Paint Parties are great, but kids want to paint more then just on birthdays and special occasions! Our kids painting kits make it easy for your creative kids to paint on their own time because they come complete with everything they need to make unique artwork. Our kids painting kits come in three styles: canvas, tote bags and aprons! Our project aprons and tote bags are hand made in Manitoba by POTP from 100% cotton canvas backed with polypropylene to make them leak-proof! This eliminates project mess and ensure spills don’t leak through to clothes and keep leaks from soaking through to the outside of the bag. Tote bags and aprons come accented in your choice of blue, red, green, yellow, purple or white. Each project kit includes 6 colors of paint, set of 5 brushes, 6-well palette, no-spill washer cup and leak proof painting apron.



But here is the exciting part – each kids painting kit comes with exclusive online access to our library of D.I.Y. Painting Projects! We have examples, step-by-step instructions and tracers that your child can use to make their own unique artwork and we have options for every creativity and painting level. Your child can follow one of our step-by-step tutorials using the appropriate tracer or they can free-hand it. Maybe they want to use a tracer, or two, to make their own unique design. Got an especially free-spirited artist? Let them free-hand their entirely original idea! Our gallery will continually grow as we add more examples, tutorials and tracers so that your kids can keep coming back from more!


Little Octopus

Turtle Time

Ballet Slippers


If you live with any Aspiring Artists or Krafty Kids be sure to make it out to our booth at the Niverville Heritage Centre’s Spring Fling Craft and Artisan Boutique next Sunday, April 29 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.! We will be launching our new line of Aspiring Artists Kids Painting Kits as well as debuting a few other D.I.Y. art projects from our accompanying line, Krafty Kids.

Spring Fling 2018


Our Aspiring Artists line of kids painting kits are for 7-12 year old’s who want to create in between paint parties! We will have a selection of featured designs available to take home with you from our exclusive online resources to go along with the complete activity kits, and instructions on how to access the rest of the project library! We will have exclusive Spring Fling discounts when you mix and match different kits or when you buy multiple kits to have your own D.I.Y. Paint Party! These kits are not available anywhere else, and we will have special introductory pricing for our launch!


Krafty Kids is a line of D.I.Y. Kids Craft Kits that we have sourced out from a Canadian distributor and we will be rolling out these new mini kits over the next several months. We will have 3 different kits available for Spring Fling that are perfect for younger kids who need an easy creative activity so that your 3-6 years old’s don’t get left out while your 7-12 year old’s enjoy their Aspiring Artists Kits. They are also priced to be affordable, so they are great for kids carrying that precious toonie in their pocket that they are dying to spend! Oh, and did we mention they make great goody bag items for birthday parties?

The Atrium at the Heritage Centre is going to be full this year with a bunch of other great vendors to brows though too, offering hand made crafts, food goods and home décor. Bring canned goods for Niverville Helping Hands for your admission!

We hope to see you there!

Happy Paint Partying!



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