Important Questions to ask you Paint Party Provider before booking!

With new paint party providers popping up in every town and neighbourhood, it’s hard to know if you are hiring the right person for your party. Here are some questions to ask to help make your decision easier!

How do you dispose of your paint water?

After an in depth research project into the effects of acrylic paint on the environment and how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner, POTP decided to filter all paint waste water created by their paint parties before disposing of it. Up to 3 cups of left over paint sludge is filtered out of the waste water from every party before the purified water is disposed of and the sludge left to dry out before throwing it away. This is the best practice for disposing of acrylic paint waste water. POTP also uses reusable supplies as much as possible, washing plates, cups and cloths to prevent countless garbage from going into landfills. For more information you can read the full article here.

What size canvas do you use?

The standard paint party canvas is 16×20, this is the size PTOP will quote you because it is the size we mostly use. A smaller canvas, 12×16, is used for kids paint parties and on special request when time or budget restrictions require the smaller size. When shopping around for a paint party provider, make sure you find out what size canvas they are using for the price they are quoting you. You don’t want to arrive to your party to find out you are painting a smaller canvas then you were expecting! The smaller canvas doesn’t take as long to paint and that is why it can be offered at a lower price.

Where are your supplies purchased?

POTP buys all their supplies from local art supply stores and uses student quality artists acrylic and canvases. And, you can find the same brushes we use at Michael’s for $4.99 a brush. So you can be assured that you will have the best quality supplies which will result in a better painting experience. You can paint with brushes and craft paint from the dollar store, but they will be at a much lower quality and you will not get the same results. Painting with low quality supplies can make the experience more frustrating then it has to be. If budget is a concern, POTP has D.I.Y. paint parties where you can purchase the supplies at the dollar store if necessary and only pay for the artists time.

Do you have a contract?

Don’t let a contract scare you, it is there to protect you just as much as your paint party provider on several important things….cancellation, refund policy, privacy policy, picture usage etc.

Teaching style

What is your teaching style?

Just like there are many styles of painting, there are also many styles of teaching. After hundreds of paint parties, POTP has found, through client feedback, that our teaching style is favored because it is very specific. We will tell you exactly how to hold the brush, how to apply the paint to the brush, techniques for painting on the canvas and give you all of our best tips and tricks along the way for getting the best results. We will give you tips on how to avoid common problems and provide suggestions when we see you are struggling with something. When you are a beginner, this specific style of teaching will help you get the best results over a more general and vague teaching style of “there is no right or wrong way to do it”.

Paint Party

How long does the paint party last?

With hundreds of paint parties under our belts and over 60 paintings in our gallery, we have found that 2 hours is the optimum paint party length for the 16×20 canvas. POTP experimented with different party lengths in the early days and feedback from painters told us that parties over 2 hours felt too long and resulted in higher frustration rates and when a paint party was much shorter then 2 hours they felt like they didn’t get their monies worth. When time is an issue, a 12×16 canvas can be painted in 1 1/2 hours. Finding out what size canvas you are painting is the first step to establishing how long the party will last, but clarifying the expected party length will let you know what to expect. If a party is expected to take longer then 2 hours you can assume it is a more difficult painting  so you should make sure you a prepared for that.

What support do you offer community centres and fundraisers?

POTP provides premium support for all fundraiser and community parties from start to finish. We provide professionally designed images optimized for Facebook and Instagram, posters, tickets and a registration sheet to keep you organized. We will provide you with tips on how to get your Facebook Event seen by the most people and other suggestions on how to get your event out to the public. POTP will add your paint party to their website and Facebook page with your ticket sales contact information. Fundraisers and Community parties receive a special discount and only pay a $200 deposit to secure their date up until 2 weeks before the party so there is no need to cover the entire cost of the party up front.

How much experience do you have?

POTP launched in July of 2015 and hosts over 100 parties a year. As of December 2017 POTP has hosted 326 paint parties made up of a combination of adult parties, kids parties, fundraisers, staff parties, and community parties.

What is all included in the price?

A POTP paint party comes with all the supplies: table top easels, canvases, paint brushes, palette, water cup, paint, cloth and aprons. Finding out what is all included from other paint party provider is important because some do not provide easels or aprons. Also, POTP tries to use reusable supplies as much as possible to cut down on the amount of garbage created. Finding out if the palette, cup and cloths are disposable or reusable will tell you how much extra time the artists has to put into cleaning up after the party which plays into the price. You might think that using reusable supplies saves us money, but actually it costs more in labour hours to help keep garbage out of the landfills then it does to buy disposable supplies. We keep hundreds of plates, cups and paper towels out of landfill every month.

Do you provide extra instructors for larger groups?

POTP provides an assistant with the artists for paint parties that are 30 painters or more. This is a very valuable perk for larger parties because the more painters you have the more demands there are on the artist. Having an assistant who can help refill paint, clean up spills, take pictures and help give pointers means that everyone has a better experience because the artists has more time to do what they do best – teach and demonstrate! The artist will do their best to make sure everyone can see and hear the instructions but having the assistant as a back up to repeat instructions for those who might miss them means no one gets left behind!

What is your free travel zone?

A paint party with POTP means your travel is always FREE! That is because we have a unique way of charging for our parties so that we can include the travel in our price. POTP bases their paint party price on a combination of distance from their studio and a minimum number of painters. For paint parties within Winnipeg and 30 minutes from the Perimeter Highway travel is included in the price based on 10 painters. The farther away from Winnipeg you host a party the more painters you need to have at your party for travel to be included.