Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

To reveal or not to reveal, that is the question!

If you are expecting a wee one to join your family in the next 9 months I am sure you have been asked if you know what you are having. While some parents choose to keep it a surprise, more and more couples are deciding to find out the sex of their little bundle of joy ahead of time. Enter the Gender Reveal Party – they are all the rage right now.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas:

You can find all sorts of great ideas out there for how to break the exciting news to friends and family. You can’t go wrong with the classic “cut the cake to reveal if it is pink or blue inside”, or have a pinata filled with pink or blue candies. Some people take pictures covered in blue or pink paint or fill a box with pink or blue balloons to unwrap. There is gender reveal confetti, gender reveal party poppers, gender reveal smoke bombs and even gender reveal fireworks!

But how about a gender reveal paint party! Now there’s a fun new idea for sharing your exciting news with friends and family and everyone gets to take home a painting as a memory of the special announcement.

How it works:

All of the paintings in our Gender Reveal Paint Party Collection are painted with blue, red, yellow, black and white and use all gender-neutral colors for everything except the final element of the painting. You will mix up greens, oranges, purples and grey’s but never paint any pink or blue until the very end. The suspense will build for 2 hours while your guests paint everything but the pièce de résistance. Then you get to tell everyone what color to dip their brush in to paint the feature element of the painting! You can let your artist in on the secret or not, they don’t need to know the sex of the baby to teach the painting and you get take over the instructions at the right moment to make your announcement.

How much fun is that? Ready to start planning your gender reveal paint party? Contact us for more information!

Happy Paint Partying!


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