D.I.Y. Paint Party F.A.Q's

You Provide the Painting Supplies

We Provide the Painting and Instruction

If you are on a budget then a D.I.Y. Paint Party might be right for your next Paint Party!

We do D.I.Y. paint parties for all ages, kids, adults, and seniors!

Pricing for Kids D.I.Y. Paint Parties is quoted for up to 20 painters and for Adult D.I.Y. Paint Parties for up to 30 painters.

If you have more then 20 painters (kids) or 30 painters (adults) there may be an additional charge for an extra instructor to be at your party to ensure everyone can see the demo and gets adequate instructions.


We will provide a supply list for you to do your shopping. You will need to provide all the supplies including paint, canvas, brushes, palette, cup, towels, table cloths and aprons if necessary.

You can buy your supplies based on your budget – yes you can buy them from the dollar store but be aware that your results will vary based on the quality of your supplies.

You will do all the set up and clean up for your party.

You will also need to provide the locations for the party and tables and chairs.

We recommend a 12×16 canvas for all D.I.Y. paint parties because usually supplies purchased from dollar stores is of lesser quality and will turn out better on a smaller canvas. If you choose to buy artists quality supplies you can do a 16×20 canvas. Please contact us for details.

We provide the demo artwork and an instructor lead you step-by-step through the painting. We also provide you with a supply list and a set up diagram. Your artist will bring their own canvas, brushes and demo easels but will require a palette, water cup, towels and paint from you.

You will need about 2.5 feet of table top space per painter for a 12×16 canvas. We recommend using 12×16 canvases for all D.I.Y. paint parties because paintings done with dollar store painting supplies of less quality will turn out better on a smaller canvas.

You can usually fit 10 painters around 2 6-foot folding tables set up end to end.

We have paintings specifically designed to be painted with supplies you can find at the dollar store. Check out our special D.I.Y. Gallery.

D.I.Y. paint parties are currently limited to Monday – Friday before 3:00 p.m. and exclude long weekends.

We can do D.I.Y. paint parties in your home, office, community centre, school or anywhere you have access to a large enough space to host your party. We can even do paint parties outside or in a garage, weather permitting.

D.I.Y. paint parties take about 1-1.5 hours to paint on a 12×16 canvas depending on if it is a kids painting or adult painting.

You will get some paint on your hands! But what’s the fun if you don’t get a little dirty? You can wear aprons which help to keep paint off your clothes but we still recommend dressing with painting in mind as the aprons won’t cover everything. It really depends on the person as to how messy they get. Disposable table cloths are a good idea for protecting tables and making clean up easier. Most of the time, paint only end up on the floor if someone drops a brush. Very rarely have we seen someone drop their whole palette but it can happen. So if you are on carpet you might want to cover it as well. Also, be wary of painters who tend to brush so enthusiastically that they splatter a bit of paint.

Your artists will lead your group step-by-step through the painting by both explaining the instructions and demonstrating the steps on a canvas. We have a very specific style of teaching and give you tons of tips and tricks to get the best results. While there are many different ways to paint and teach, we find that detailed instructions work best for beginners so we will tell you how to hold the brush, how to apply the paint, specific techniques and a host of other tips and tricks that improve the painting experience. It is up to you how closely you listen to and follow the instructions or not – we always encourage you to be creative and use your own talents and style to make your painting unique!

Kids D.I.Y. Paint Parties are $100 + gst for up to 20 painters.

Adult D.I.Y. Paint Parties are $200 + gst for up to 30 painters.

If you have more then 20 painters (kids) or 30 painters (adults) there may be an additional charge of $50 + gst for an additional instructor to be at your party to ensure everyone can see the demo and gets adequate instructions.

We require full payment for D.I.Y. paint parties at time of booking as a non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

Travel is free anywhere within Winnipeg. Travel fee outside of Winnipeg based on a combination of distance from the Perimeter Highway and the fee you paid for your party. For example, the travel fee for a kids d.i.y. paint party 30 minutes outside of the Perimeter Highway is $60 round trip. Please contact us for a quote.

Your deposit is non-refundable but you have up until 2 weeks before the party date to reschedule your party without loss of payment.

We use Squareup.com for our invoicing which will give you secure, online credit card payment options. You can also send an e-transfer, make arrangements for a cash payment. We also accept business cheques.

Yes we do fundraisers and the more tickets you sell, the more money per ticket you will make with a D.I.Y. paint party then a full service paint party! Contact us for more details.