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Shake it Off and Let it Go!

If you have ever been to a Painting on the Prairies Paint Party, I am sure that you have heard me tell everyone “Before we get started I want everyone to take a deep breath and relax!” Usually I follow that up by saying that sometimes painting can feel stressful for beginners but that it […]

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So You Want To Try Painting At Home, But Where Do You Start?

I have a lot of loyal, repeat paint partiers and once in awhile someone will tell me how attending a paint party awakened (or reawakened) a love for painting that has overflowed into painting at home. I love it when I hear that I have been able to inspire someone to embrace their creative side! […]

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You Are Unique And So Your Painting Should Be Too!

When I started painting in 2015, I picked up some paint, brushes and canvases at Dollarama, found a photo online and just went for it. I hadn’t done any acrylic painting before and my artistic background was mostly in pencil and charcoal sketches of people and animals. I didn’t think that I had very high […]

By Amber Van Ma'iingan | Stories to Inspire You