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You Are Unique And So Your Painting Should Be Too!

When I started painting in 2015, I picked up some paint, brushes and canvases at Dollarama, found a photo online and just went for it. I hadn’t done any acrylic painting before and my artistic background was mostly in pencil and charcoal sketches of people and animals. I didn’t think that I had very high […]

By Amber Van Ma'iingan | Stories to Inspire You

How it all got started…

I visit many towns, homes, offices, and venues around Manitoba doing paint parties or all sizes and I often get asked how I got into the Paint Party business. Well, here it goes… In early 2015 I was working at Family First Chiropractic as an Exam Tech. I loved my job, my co-workers and my […]

By Amber Van Ma'iingan | About On The Prairies