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Spring Is Here and So Is Our New Product Line of Kids Painting Kits!

  It looks like 2018 is the year that kids paint parties are set to take over adult paint parties for POTP! So, since Christmas, I have been furiously working on new ideas for expanding what Painting on the Prairies has to offer kids! You may have already seen that we are now offering Goody […]

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You Are Unique And So Your Painting Should Be Too!

When I started painting in 2015, I picked up some paint, brushes and canvases at Dollarama, found a photo online and just went for it. I hadn’t done any acrylic painting before and my artistic background was mostly in pencil and charcoal sketches of people and animals. I didn’t think that I had very high […]

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How it all got started…

I visit many towns, homes, offices, and venues around Manitoba doing paint parties or all sizes and I often get asked how I got into the Paint Party business. Well, here it goes… In early 2015 I was working at Family First Chiropractic as an Exam Tech. I loved my job, my co-workers and my […]

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